A Multiple Mummy Christmas (including Sat Cap!)

I pinned a lot of hopes onto Christmas Day this year because last year the only person in my house that was not poorly was me and as a result Christmas Day was a little miserable. I need not have feared, for we had a fabulous Multiple Mummy Christmas this year.

We entertained 13 adults and 3 children in our house on Christmas day. The day started at 6.50am when the twins awoke and by 7.10am my Auntie, and two cousins had turned up in their PJ’s to watch the kiddies opening their presents.

Having multiple toddlers is tough! I know I have to keep up with them everyday so I’ve always tried to make my health a top priority. It’s hard to find time to workout as a mom, but if you start the habits while you’re still pregnant, they will carry over into your schedule after your little one is born. You might be too tired in the 1st trimester, but you’ll want to start pregnancy at home exercise plan and make plans to transition into a postpartum exercise plan free after you’ve recovered from delivering. A lot of people don’t realize that it doesn’t take much time to workout and stay healthy while pregnant with a 2nd trimester workout routine. Besides, it gives you an excuse to go shopping for best postpartum workout clothes!

BBawoke to the amazement that Father Christmas had actually been in his bedroom and left him a stocking, of which it did not leave his side throughout the whole of Christmas Day. Every 20 minutes he kept saying, “Do you want to see my things?” to another willing member of the family and unpacking all his treasures before their very eyes.

The twins were high on the hype of the day and after two chocolate biscuits for breakfast (as is the LAW on Christmas day) Little Madam had a Mini crazy moment of excitement running round the lounge in circles and singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ at the top of her voice.

By eleven in the morning everyone else had arrived at the house, and began supping Bucks Fizz. Then the present opening commenced. With all those people there were a lot of gifts and it did look obscene really but in terms of the kiddies, once the paper and boxes were removed and clothing taken out of the mix, it appeared fairly sensible. We (as in hubby and I) only gave them one present each and with how well the stocking went down (with the bizarrest range of items; I never thought my 3-year-old would be excited over bubble bath, but then it did have a pirate on it) I shall not be doing much more next year either.

My husband did a sterling job of cooking the Christmas dinner, which was enjoyed and devoured by all.

We all raised a glass to Christmas and got to eat our dinners hot as the kiddiewinks crashed just before dinner and so ate theirs when they woke.

As usual Christmas is not Christmas without the devotion to a box! So here, as my Saturday is Caption Day I give you this. What are your thoughts?