A very simple exercise – questions and answers.

It is always great to find a bit more about someone and this very simple exercise does just that. I have been tagged by another twin Mummy also called Kerry who writes New2Two blog.  She wrote 11 questions for me to answer, so you get to know a bit more about me in detail and then she has asked me to write another 11 questions and tag 11 more bloggers to join in. Plus if you don’t have a blog and want to just answer my questions then please feel free.

Having multiple toddlers is tough! I know I have to keep up with them everyday so I’ve always tried to make my health a top priority. It’s hard to find time to workout as a mom, but if you start the habits while you’re still pregnant, they will carry over into your schedule after your little one is born. You might be too tired in the 1st trimester, but you’ll want to start a weight training during pregnancy and make plans to transition into best postpartum exercise routine after you’ve recovered from delivering. A lot of people don’t realize that it doesn’t take much time to workout and stay healthy while pregnant with pregnancy workout second trimester. Besides, it gives you an excuse to go shopping for postpartum fitness tops!

So the questions she asked me were…

1. The best Mommy advise anyone has ever given you?

This would be from my best friend and she said it is easy to create a bad habit but takes three times as long to break it. If you don’t want to have the fight to break stay strong and stick to your guns and don’t create it in the first place. This has stuck with me because every time I want to give and either bring them to bed with me, or give them extra milk I fight it, knowing that it will be harder to break it at a later date.

2. Most embarrassing Mommy moment?

This has to be the time that Noah decided he needed a wee whilst swimming. I took him to the toilet and whilst in there he said’ Mummy I am going to squirt you with wee wee. Mummy you like wee wee on you!’ I was mortified and had to listen to the snigger in the cubicle next door. Plus with no disrespect to anyone who is into that kind of thing I can assure you wee wee on me is not my cup of tea at all! 

3. How many kids do you have?   Do you want more?

I have three children, Noah who is three and the twins who are two and three months; Little Madam and Chilled Out Boy. We would love more. A minimum of 4 but we just have to get the timing right next time. 

4. Favorite Activities to do with your kids?

We just love going to National Trust places, the Zoo, the beach, any where really where they can be free and run about and see things. My children do not like to be caged. They all love a spot of baking and craft though. 

5. Answer seriously, are you a social media junkie? Favorite social media site that cause you to feel that way?

Yes definitely. I think it all started with Facebook, I was one of my first friends to have it, and they all claimed they never would and now they all do, however apart from one other I am the only one on twitter and I think that is my real obsession. I love tweeting.

6. Most romantic thing to happen to you?

I think my wedding proposal. I finished my work shift at the pub and my other half picked me up with a bouquet of flowers. I went home to find the lounge filled with balloon, more flowers and champagne and a scrabble board (which we liked to play late at night) on the floor, that spelled out, ‘first stop bath, then train to London, Dinner, rest, More fun to come tomorrow!’ We stayed in a beautiful hotel and I was proposed to outside Westminster Abbey.

7. Any quick tips on healthy eating for the kiddos?

It they don’t like lumps, blitz it. I am all for it I can get it in them, they can have in whichever form they like, so if it is a pasta sauce loaded with vegetables and I blitz it to make it smooth, as long as they eat it I don’t care.

8. Best vacation spot with little ones?

The Lake District. So much to do and we have had nothing but an amazing time each time we have gone. 

9. Tricks and tips for traveling with young kids?

Pack lots of books, toys and games, audio CD’s and songs, plus snacks. Stop frequently for trips to see things as it breaks up the journey. Time it around naps so they sleep in the car whilst you travel. 

10. Parenting rules you will NOT bend on? Bedtime. I like the evening to be my husband and my time and I am very strict about the bedtime routine. 

11. Any hidden talents? If yes, dish?  If no, wish? Unfortunately I am fairly talentless but will have a go at most things. I would love to be able to speak another language. 

So the bloggers I am tagging are:

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And my questions to them are…

  • 1. Apart from you children what is your greatest accomplishment?
  • 2. What is your favourite beverage?
  • 3. Why do you blog?
  • 4. If a pregnancy scan said twins tomorrow , what would be your initial thoughts?
  • 5. What is the hardest part of parenting to your mind?
  • 6. What is your secret parenting weapon?
  • 7. What is your idea of blissful ‘me’ time?
  • 8. Who do you think has the best job. The Mummy or the Daddy?
  • 9. What thing would you recommend people do before children if they get the chance?
  • 10. What are you hopes for this year?
  • 12. Describe yourself in 5 words?

The Rules:

  • You must post these rules.
  • Each person must post 11 things about herself on their blog.
  • Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in her post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • Choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.
  • Let each blogger know that you have tagged them.

So I look forward to seeing your answers and if you don’t have a blog feel free to answer the questions in a comment, I love to read and get to know more about you.