Blogging etiquette – who knew?

My nose was put a little out of joint today when I was rudely told by another blogger (quite a big one who shall remain nameless) on twitter not to post my blog content to gain followers! It was not the ‘done’ thing! Seriously how else do you gain followers without putting your work out there? So me being me apologised in my next tweet for causing any offence and asked politely what I was doing wrong and what the correct method was, stating I was ‘very embarrassed’.

In fact I was tearful; I have been so excited about my blog and she burst my bubble. I wanted to give up there and then. However she ignored me! How rude! To make me even more furious two tweets of hers later she did exactly the same as me: advertised her blog! You are kidding me I shouted out loud to my husband, followed by not such a polite collection of words! Hypocritical b****! So tell me…am I wrong?

Having multiple toddlers is tough! I know I have to keep up with them everyday so I’ve always tried to make my health a top priority. It’s hard to find time to workout as a mom, but if you start the habits while you’re still pregnant, they will carry over into your schedule after your little one is born. Of course you want to eat healthy for yourself and your growing baby, so check out this article on nutrition during pregnancy. You might find that you’re too tired in the 1st trimester to exercise, but you’ll want to start a pregnancy workout routine and make plans to transition into postpartum exercise plan pdf after you’ve recovered from delivering. Besides, it gives you an excuse to go shopping for postpartum gym clothes!

I thought other bloggers; especially established ones would be supportive. She even had the cheek to ask if I was a genuine Mum! I cannot believe that such an established blogger would be threatened by me, my three blog posts and currently seven beautiful and supportive followers. So what is the problem, why not be helpful? I was miffed. So please feel free to let me know what the blogging etiquette is so I don’t make any more fundamental errors!