Chocolate Mousse!

We have had a week now of MM being awake during visits and can now start to dream that perhaps we are on the long road of rehabilitation. She is still unable to move her right side and cannot speak but we have had incidents of her head turning to look at you. There is also now a real feeling of recognition and although this does not happen during every visit, when it does you leave the hospital with a spring in your step.

She has also started to take food which has been pureed. When I turned up with some chocolate mousse, her eyes lit up and sparkled like we all know. It was like witnessing a drug addict being given a bag full of cocaine! She has also stroked my arm when I stroked hers.

On another note, the twins party went without a hitch and Chilled Out Boy got his Pirate Cake (well of sorts). We had the usual tired day after the party but I didn’t expect Little Madam to refuse to open any presents unless they were wrapped in pink paper! BB had his first non uniform day and the theme was to dress in the colours of the Brazilian flag. He also came home with ‘Star of the Week’ Teddy ….. now that might make MM smile during his weekend visit.

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