Craft Aventures: Making a Broom Stick

Halloween for us is another good reason to get excited and have some fun and festivities and for me personally, a great time of year to incorporate activities to do with the little ones. It is the time of year for fantasy, story telling and a little bit of fun!

As ours are so young it is not about the scare factor, more the story telling. BBis a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz so he does know what a Witch is. I told him Halloween is a time of year when all witches go out in the night and have a fly on their Broomsticks. He immediately asked if he could fly, to which I told him that was magic, but we could make a Broomstick and pretend! He was satisfied with this answer.

So we set out on a stick hunt!

After getting slightly distracted by leaves, acorns and stones, we came home we our collected goodies and laid them out in the living room!

We decided to use cello-tape to attach the smaller sticks to the handle and I suggest that you wrap some tape around the big stick first so that you provide some sticky grip for the cello-tape to stick too when adding the smaller ones.

Position them round evenly in a circular motion and keep adding more tape.

Once completed cut a strip of bin liner to wrap around the tape – as BBkept saying ‘Witches don’t have cello-tape!’

Tadah! One Broomstick.

Now if I had been clever at the time I would have cut the stick handle to the right size first. Unfortunately I was not clever on this occasion and so we did end up with a giant broomstick but BBjust thought this was fantastic! A Giant and a Witch in one!

So pretty much a days work – a walk, a stick hunt (quick play in the park), home for snack and drink, nap time, lunch, broomstick making, play with Broomstick, a witch story, tea time, a bit of Oz,  bath time, another nice story (teddies maybe!) and bed! See..perfect!

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