Family Frolics #7 – A Treasure Hunt

Welcome back to Family Frolics!

As you may have realised now Pirates are the ‘in thing’ at the moment in our house and most things we do have a pirate related element. This week we went on a treasure hunt the week before we made the treasure map!

So here is our little trip in comic book for you to enjoy! Last week on the blog I had some lovely entries to look at on the blog but my most favourite was from Growing a Jewelled Rose whose post was about making a birthday bath times that extra bit special with coloured water and balloon! An absolute genius idea and one that I shall be recreating with BBin June!

So for more Family Frolics this week join in on the linky below!

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The basic rules are:

  • The most important part is that it has not got to look ‘professional’…it is the taking part that counts.
  • It must be family based…meaning an activity you did together. It does not have to involve the whole family but at least evidence that a child and adult were involved together.
  • It must not be a competition or review that you have been requested do (if it is a book you are reading  or a toy you are playing with for example then that is different.)
  • I would really appreciate you taking my badge to put on your post and if you fancy mentioning that you have linked up to me in your post that would be great! The code can be found in the side margin of my blog!

Looking forward to reading your great posts!