Family Frolics: A Pirate Party

This week my little boy (or big boy as he now likes to be called) turned four years old. Four…how did that happen? Where has four years gone?

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My ‘big boy’ is very obsessed with pirates and his hero is in fact Captain Hook so a pirate themed birthday was never in doubt.

We had a small family and close friend party at a local nature reserve  run by the National Trust. They host birthday parties there with one of them being a pirate party. This involved a treasure hunt, when they went out dressed up as pirates  into the reserve and looked for clues. The more clues they found, the more pieces of treasure map they had and when they had all the pieces of map, they could put the puzzle together and find where X marked the spot!

So here is BB all dressed up with his pirate tea ready and waiting! My attempt at a Pirate birthday cake, BB finding the clues, on lookout for Captain Hook and piecing together the puzzle!

Lets dig for treasure – X marks the spot!

Look at all this chocolate gold!

Sparkling candles and presents – a perfect way to end the day!

The party was such a huge success and if you are after something a little different then I really recommend looking at the National Trust for parties. It was very reasonable in price although i provided my own party food, and the children were all outdoors and engaged for an hour and a half. All the parents commented on how much their children loved it, and how exhausted they all were when they got home.

A very contented four-year old!

So what have you been up to this week?

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