Family Frolics – A Sensory Bath

Welcome back to Family Frolics.

I have been admiring the amazing sensory bath creations, created by Crystal at Growing a Jewelled Rose for some time and have been desperate to have a go. She has made some amazing Happy Birthday sensory baths and a beautiful rainbow one. Not nearly as creative as Crystal, I thought I would give it a shot, and I when I asked her if this would be ok, she was thrilled I wanted a go.

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My three at the moment are really into their painting (well anything crafty really) and the twins are starting to get to grips with their colours, so I decided to make a sensory art bath.

I cut out some ‘blobs of paint’ from coloured paper to stick to walls.

I ran the bath and coloured it with some red food dye, and added bubbles and then sprinkled glitter on top.

In the bath, I added, paint brushes, sponges (shaped and handled sponges) and rollers.

I then made up some bath paint using shaving foam and food dye in big bowls that I saw on The Imagination Tree, and put them in their coloured bath stacking cups around the sides and topped them up, as the kids used them.

They were beside themselves.

They loved hunted for the different paint tools in the bath. They starting added the glittery bubbles to their work as well, and they painted on all the surfaces using the foam, describing to me their pictures constantly.

The great thing about it is that it all just rinsed off with the shower afterwards and easy clean up. The trouble with making them such an awesome bath, is they now want them all the time!

Give it a go – great fun!

So what have you all been up to this week?

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