Family Frolics: Hands on with animals

Welcome back to Family Frolics.

This week we had another family visit to the zoo on Monday as it was my birthday and my sister came and visited from Scotland and my Mum got the day off work. So we all headed out after Little Madam’s hospital appointment. I always find it amazing that every time we go we find another part to look at or that the children are really interested in.

On this occasion the children were amazed by the petting zoo and just loved feeding the goats. After that area were some giant pretend egg shells and tortoise shells that they could play and climb into which they though were brilliant.

I was so impressed with BBand Chilled out boy as they both fed the goats with confidence and ease, but Little Madam was still a bit cautious. She did try, but she would then just drop the food in front of them.

I think the reason we have not been to this part before is that it has been too hard to manage three little ones on my own with animals with horns, especially when the twins were smaller, but having the extra pair of hands of my sister and Mum made the whole experience stress free.

I had a fab 30th this year and I thank anyone that sent me happy birthday wishes. They were much appreciated! x

So what have you been up to this week for Family frolics?

Looking forward to seeing your posts.

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