Family Frolics – Knights and Castles

My Friday Mornings are just blissful with BB. We have been enjoying trips into town, shopping for new shoes for him and always stopping for a hot chocolate. Every time we walk from the car park to town, we walk through the Castle Park and this week Noah asked if he could go in the Castle. Not one to discourage history I said of course – he was free and I was £6.25 so a real bargain I thought!

He adored the grounds. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day. He was particularly taken by all the fish.

Inside he was in awe of the artefacts. He was attracted to the old tools they used and could not believe that stones were used to make knives and axes. He was insistent on searching for the Knight and got so excited that he could try on a real helmet and shield, although he did say ‘I am strong Mummy, but I could not hold this for a long time.

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I was amazed by how much he wanted to take part. Building a stone fire-place with bricks, doing wax rubbing of Roman coins. He was asking lots of questions, and it was hard for him to grasp a concept of time. He kept saying ‘The Romans are old aren’t they Mummy. Like you!” Well he may have a fair point!

Sadly my camera battery ran out of charge whilst we were in there and so my photo’s are limited but I am sure we will be back.

My children never cease to surprise me with all that they are into. BB’s Daddy as a history teacher was very impressed that he has his first little history lesson!

So what have you been up to this week?

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Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to!