Family Frolics: Peppa Pig World

The twins adore Peppa Pig and it has been lovely has it has brought BB’s love for her back since falling in love with pirates! Every evening after dinner we sit down to watch Peppa Pig and her family have one of their little adventures. When Peppa Pig World said that we could go and visit to review their park I was thrilled as I knew it meant three little people would be on cloud nine.

We went and visited last Sunday which was a good day to go I think. We got up early and travelled down from half five in the morning, stopping for breakfast and arrived by nine thirty. We collected the tickets with ease, got a parking space right in the front parking lot because we were early and headed in. Peppa Pig World does not open until ten but when we got round there were already queues of eager families waiting for the doors to open.

As we walked in you are greeted by the very colourful sign as you pass over a train track.

Peppa Pig world could not be any more Peppa like if it tried. Full of green mounds, and the yellow Peppa House, it was just an array of glorious colour. The sun was streaming and it looked so vibrant in the light.

We decided to make our way round the rides one by one. We didn’t take in a buggy and kept the twins on the reins, but it was clear that people with buggies just park up.

This is our little tour of the Park!

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Daddy Pig’s Car Ride 

Fitted all of us in, and a very short que. Because each car takes a family it moves very fast. The children just loved this ride! I was amazed that they did not argue over the two steering wheels in the front and agreed to all share. All of the kiddies rated this one in their top two of the rides! On this ride it passes a camera so you can get a photograph if you wish!

Peppa’s big Balloon ride

This was Chilled out boy’s favourite ride. He was amazed by how we went and loved being in the basket. The park was getting busier by this point but we only queued for 15 minutes for this and again it filled and moved fairly quickly.

Mrs Rabbit’s Helicopter Ride

BB was desperate to go on this ride and it was the longest que of the day at 35 minutes. It only fitted four people in, so families were split and you could only load two vessels at any one time, get the whole wheel loaded and then have the ride, so it was quite a slow process, but it was worth it. Their little faces. I was on my own with the little Lady and her only frustration was being strapped in as she could not reach the driving stick. They did want to go on it again though!

The Muddy Puddles!

Our favourite part of the park. We were so lucky with the weather and I had been kindly advised to take swim gear for the kids, which we did. They cooled off and were in their element! They just loved every minute of it. As for Mr Potato head’s park – i thought we would never get them out!

Grandpa Pig’s Train

Similar to the car ride, it runs on a little track and sings Grandpa’s train song. The children thought this was lovely. The carriage also fitted us all on (just!)

Meeting Peppa and George!

It was so busy that photo’s don’t do it justice but the children were star struck! Their little faces were a picture and they all shock Peppa’s hand and didn’t want her to go!

George’s Dinosaur Adventure

This was Daddy’s favourite ride (as you can see he is having fun!) but BB loved it. The twins had crashed and burned by this point. We had lunch and had gone out to get the buggy and they had fallen fast asleep. it gave us the perfect opportunity to go on this ride as all three were too small and needed an adult but of course there were only two of us. As much as I love our children we were not going to queue three times!

Grandpa Pig’s Boat Ride

The only part of the day where we had a mini melt down and it was my fault. I am not good with rides that go round in a circle so hubby decided to take the three of them on, only the the lady got so upset and refused to go on and got brought to the side with me. As soon as the ride started she then broke down in tears because she was not on the ride! Luckily the ride attendant took sympathy on me and let me take her on without queueing again, but I had to go on, and you know what? It was the calmest ride ever! I could have avoided the whole tears scenario if I had a backbone! Anyway a lovely little ride that they all enjoyed.

So all in all a fabulous day. The tickets do let you go round the rest of Paulton’s Park and we did explore the dinosaur walk which the children loved but we really did not have time to do anywhere else. I can see why they do weekend breaks as you could easily spend two days there and it would take the pressure off getting round everything. If you book day tickets in advance you can get a family of four in for £80 and children under a meter are free. BB just missed the boat on that this time as he has had a little growth spurt.

A great family fun day and I would recommend it to anyone!

So what have you been up to this week?

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Hope you are enjoying the sun and the summer so far.