Family Frolics: The London Eye

Welcome back to Family Frolics.

Last week the family and I got the opportunity to visit London and experience The London Eye, courtesy of

As it was the half term and my two nieces and sister in-laws were visiting, they decided to also join us for the trip.

We braved the decision to not take the buggy on the train. We are very lucky where we live and can get a direct train into London. We packed up a rack sack of spare clothes (as chilled out boy had only been potty trained for four days), snacks and baby wipes (a parent essential) and took to the rails. The children were so excited about being on a train. When we arrived to the tube, the twins were starting to get a bit tired and stroppy, but once at Westminster we stopped in a cafe and refueled them. Chocolate milkshake works wonders!

We had booked our time slot for The London Eye in advance so as to save on queueing time. My sister-in-law told us, that the last time she went she had not booked a time slot and they queued for two hours! It worth doing. Additionally for us, the weather was unfortunately raining all day and so this saved us standing out getting soggy time. Needless to say we did not let the rain dampen our spirits.

Once on board, which was so quick and efficient, I had a slight panic that the children would melt down being caged for thirty minutes. I need not have worried. They loved every minute of it and just stared out the windows at the buildings, the boats, and Crocodile Creek as BB kept calling it (meaning The Thames). They were captivated by the pod and the big wheel and loved getting higher and higher. The time flew by.

After we came off, they wanted another go!

We then ventured inside as we were told there was a 3D experience. We were all given 3D glasses and went into a standing auditorium to watch a four-minute film. It was spectacular and the children were all mesmerizing. Seagulls and dragons came right out at you, but i don’t want to tell you about too many of the surprises as it will spoil it, but it really is worth adding on to the end of your trip.

We decided to keep the day simple and head home after this. As you can see from the photographs, Little Madam by half past three and no nap, had given up for the day, and chilled out Boy followed suit. (This sleep actually only lasted until Liverpool Street, when they woke and announced on the mainline train very loudly ‘We are awake!’ and proceeded to create mayhem, but up to that point it was all good.)

We thoroughly  enjoyed our day in London and would definitely go on the The London Eye again. I would love to see it at night at some point (maybe minus the Children).

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Disclosure – we were sent rail tickets and London Eye tickets for a my self and my husband and the three children courtesy of My sister in-laws and children paid for their own tickets and travel.  My opinions are my own.

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