Family Frolics

For those of you that read my blog, ‘family’ is pretty much the word that sums it up. It is literally about my family and what we do. It expresses the things we love doing, like days out, craft activities, cookery attempts, adventure, play ideas and things we like to read!

Family Frolics is a new linky that will come out every Friday and is aimed for people/bloggers like me who do not feel ‘naturally creative or inventive’ but enjoy creative and inventive things with the family.

I love to have a go at different activities with the kiddies because I know they will enjoy it, and although secretly I wish I was good at them, I know that with three toddlers, the outcome may not always be as accurate or as pretty as intended. However as they say it is the taking part that counts. 

Family Frolics Link ups can include any post you have written in the week about something you have done with the family. This can include things like what bedtime story you are all sharing, days out, flying a kite, fancy dress, tea parties, picnics, arts and craft, cookery! You name the Family Frolic…I want it in my link up.

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The most important part is that it has not got to look professional. If it does, well wow what a bonus, but the mishaps are great too!

I am always looking for things and ideas to do with children. Each week I will pick a post that I love that the kids and I will have a go at, or visit if we can and link to your post for the methodology if chosen!

The basic rules

  • The most important part is that it has not got to look ‘professional’…it is the taking part that counts.
  • It must be family based…meaning an activity you did together. It does not have to involve the whole family but at least evidence that a child and adult were involved together.
  • It must not be a competition of review that you have been requested do (if it is a book you are reading  or a toy you are playing with for example then that is different.)
  • I would really appreciate you taking my badge to put on your post and if you fancy mentioning that you have linked up to me in your post that would be great! The code can be found in the side margin of my blog!

Let me know your thoughts! I will put the first link up on Friday to run until next Thursday and then we will start again on Friday. The great thing is, it does not have to be a post written specifically for this linky, it is bound to have been a post you would have written anyway, it just means we get to share the Family Frolics and fun more. I  look forward to seeing you there and hope you all join in!