Getting crafty with the Fanta Fun Pack – Free craft Download!

It is not often I can go to events because of childcare issues (people don’t tend to volunteer for three) but I got lucky for the afternoon of the Fanta event and I was especially excited as it involved my passion of craft and the lovely designer Linda Barker who you remember from Changing Room’s a few years back who would be leading the session.

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The event was organised to raise awareness of the new ‘Fanta Fun Pack‘ produced by Linda to help parents with school age Kids keep them entertained during the school holidays, especially with the unpredictability of weather at the moment. It is about bringing young teenagers and their families back to the old style hobbies and crafts, and encouraging better quality time together.

The Fun pack includes some awesome ideas including T-Shirt designing, Jewellery making, Baking and sewing!

Linda say’s

“Whether mums want to get crafty with their teens this half term, or if they just fancy a bit of ‘me time’ to make something for themselves, the Fanta Fun Pack has got something for everyone. From cookery to clothing, there are activities to suit every taste and ability. The crafts are simple, easy to do and offer great end results that look fabulous and, in some cases, taste great too!” 

What is more, is that the Fun pack is completely free to download and print out, with easy step by step instructions and brilliant photography.

We had so much fun that afternoon with Fanta.

Linda challenged us to the mission of making the T-Shirt which involved stencilling, sewing with her amazing machine (which I have never done before), applique, and hemming. I have to admit i was nervous to begin with as it was a craft completely out of my comfort zone, but I was amazed by how much I got into it. In fact I feared that I looked rude as I do have a bad habit of totally zoning out when I am concentrating and actually it was so lovely to concentrate on something without a toddler asking me to take them to the toilet or tell me they are hungry or referee a scrap!

The team provided us with a lovely tea, and some of the awesome banana cupcakes found in the fun pack.

The thing I was most impressed with was that although this brilliant pack is linked to the Fanta drink product, which is very tasty (we got to sample some) and they highlighted that it has been revamped to include real fruit, and no artificial flavours or colours, they did not pretend it was a healthy drink, they were in complete agreement that it was a treat drink. Well we all like a treat from time to time!

I thoroughly recommend heading over and downloading the pack – we all love a freebie!

Disclosure – I was invited to attend the event for the purpose of this review. I was give an Orange Plant and other Fanta goodies as a thank you for attending the event. All opinions are my own.