How to make an Easter Garden

This week I got a bee in my bonnet about trying to get BBto understand that there is more to Easter than just easter eggs and the rabbit. I want him to have an understanding of all faiths and festivals and so thought that I would introduce the Easter story.

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We read a story book about it, and then I remembered from my own childhood at school making an Easter garden which I loved, so we decided to have a go.

All you need is

  • A shallow tray
  • Mud/soil
  • An egg cup
  • A small round pot

Some stones, moss, flowers and any other garden bits and pieces you can find.

Firstly we went in search of the garden bits and pieces. We started our search on he walk back from pre-school where BBfound lots of Daisies to pick and decided that they would be his flowers. We also found a little bit of moss growing a wall, a baby pine cone and some sticks.

Then out in the garden they found some conifer leaves, some bark style chipwood and some slate stone.

We filled the shallow tray with mud.

We added in where we wanted the egg cup and the round pot to go. The round pot whet upside down and we covered it with soil to make our cave.

We then the covered the soil in the bark and the cave in the moss. We put two slate stone at the front of the cave as our bolder. Finish by making a cross out of sticks. We added some grass and some daisies to the egg cup and around on the bark, and voila, one Easter Garden.

Funnily, BBstill did keep asking where the eggs went, and where we should put a rabbit, but I tried and we can always have a go again next year.

They were all very proud of their garden and wanted to show Daddy as soon as he walked in from work.