How to make an Olympic Hoopla Game

The Olympics are fast approaching and we are very exciting as we have tickets to the Basketball and Para Olympic tickets too. The Para Olympic tickets are day passes so we think we might take the kiddies with us to give them an experience of the atmosphere and stadium so we can say they were there in years to come.

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So with the Olympics on my mind we decided to come up with a competitive/Learning Olympic hoopla Game aiming at colours.

I have  had these empty spice pots for ages. I know you are supposed to refill the, but I always forget, but they are too mice to throw away, so they gave me the inspiration for this game.

They act as my hoopla pins.

I made stickers with the Olympic symbol on them and then added one of each colour bands of the rings on to each sticker. I printed the stickers out, cut them out and wrapped them round the jars.

I have added the sticker sheet here should you like to use it!

How to make an Olympic Hoopla Game, Multiple Mummy

I then drew around a sticky tape roll to make my rings.

I cut out the five rings and then got BBto paint each ring a different colour of the Olympic rings.

Once dry the game is ready!

You can set up the jars as follows and play the game in lots of different ways.

  • 1. You can practice hand eye co-ordination and just get them to practice getting the hoop over the pin
  • 2. You can aim for colours (the twins are just learning their colours now, so this is perfect for them!)
  • 3. You can do time races to get them over the colours. BBloved this!
  • 4. You can start work with number and simple maths and give each colour points – you can then score point with the rings you get over the hoops.

You can make as many set of the hoops as you like.

As you can see my three though this game was brilliant!