How to make Footprint Wrapping Paper

With all the sunshine this week we have been enjoying outdoor play and this week got adventurous with paint in the garden. I had this huge roll of paper that my mum gave me from the back of her closet that she has had for years and I had been trying to think how best to use it. I decided we would have a go at making out own hand-made footprint wrapping paper in preparation Father’s Day.

We rolled the paper out down the length of the path in the garden. We bought out three trays and put in three different colour paints. Each of the children picked a colour they wanted. Then off came the shoes and socks.

The stomping began!

We left the paint to dry and then rolled up a new huge sheet of wrapping paper.

Then BB decided that as it is his cousin’s birthday this week and that they are visiting we would wrap her birthday present in some of the paper first. So Little L – this is for you! hope you like it! We think Daddy will like this paper a lot for Father’s Day.

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