How to make Valentines Heart Gift boxes

I love doing craft with the kiddies, but tissue paper and glue is a sticky combination and 5 minutes in I began to worry but they soon got to grips with it and the results of making these Valentines boxes was worth the effort!

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I was amazed how much the children all enjoyed making their boxes and how well they concentrated, especially Little Madam. They all wanted a box each.

The end result was so much more effective than I thought it would be and I know there will be some very happy recipients in my family for these boxes.

What you need:

Some ready-made boxes with lids. (I found mine cheap as chips in Ikea for a pack of three)

Some tissue paper – I had two shades of pink and red.

PVA glue.

Heart stencils

Some gem hearts (optional)

How to make

1. Dilute the PVA glue so that it is runny.

2. Cut all the tissue paper into rough rectangle shapes.

3. Stick the tissue paper in layers onto the boxed and lid, randomly adding colours. I had to keep emphasising to the children ‘one at a time’ and occasionally we had handfuls, tissue paper stuck to hands and a little bit of chaos, but I was amazed by how little smoothing out I needed to do.

4. Leave to dry (our took a matter of hours)

5. On red paper cut out heart shapes to fit the lids of the boxes. Stick in the centre of the lid.

6. Add the gems if you wish.

You could use the boxes to put in all sorts of treat. My chocolate truffles would be a pretty delicious present.

I tried my best not to smooth and perfect too much as the ragged edges are all part of the ‘I made it’ charm. I think they did rather well!

This morning they came straight down and asked for their boxes. I asked who they were going to give them too, but they are so thrilled with them, they want to keep them to put their ‘secret’ things in!