Humour and HobMother’s!

Things have been really slow on the humour recently, partly because things have been hard work with the kids, but as we have moved through that phase, the funny has begun again! I have been having some particularly funny conversations with BBthis past week. His thought processes and humour never cease to amaze me or make me chuckle! That and a visit by the Fairy HobMother who granted my wish has made my week full of smiles and giggles and if you continue reading you got get a wish too!

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Conversation 1

N: Anyone want to buy something from my shop

Me: Yes please some eggs, some bread and a banana!

N: Here you go!

Me: How much?

N: £3

N: Anyone want to buy something from my shop?

Auntie E: Yes please I will have some Apples, some washing powder and some chocolate!

N: That’s £3

Auntie E: Bargain! Can I shop again?

N: Yes

Auntie E: Can I have a Ferrari?

N: Yes that’s £3!

Conversation 2

BBon the way home!

N: It’s my birthday next isn’t it Mummy?

Me: No darling your birthday is not after Christmas.

N: But I want a Father Christmas Cake?

Me: Sure, we can make one for Christmas.

Noah: No, Mummy, I want a Father Christmas Cake for my Birthday for when I’m 4!

Me: Oh really? Your Birthday’s in June!

N: Yes Mummy…he’s my favourite!

Conversation 3

Me: I love you Noah

N: I Love you Mummy

Me : I love you more

N: I love you more

Me: I love to you to the moon

N: I love you….to the shop!

Conversation 4 

Me: (Whist BBis sitting on the toilet) Noah, are you really in need of a wee wee?

Noah: Yes Mummy

Me: Why is it taking so long?

Noah: It’s shy Mummy

Then for a bit of ahh factor…

Noah: Mummy where is my treasure? (he had found a penny on the pavement)

Me: Down the side of the car

BB: Yum yum it’s yummy mummy

Me: It’s not chocolate Noah, its real treasure, don’t eat it.

Noah: I’m only pretending..chocolate treasure is so much better.

Me: Why’s that?

Noah: Because then we can share and eat it, and snuggle up and watch cbeebies!

Bless him (heart melts)

So as I now have your attention with the ahh factor, I also have another lovely thing to tell you that will put smiles on your face! I was visited by the Fairy HobMother this week for being a hardworking blogger, who granted my wish of a handheld hoover as my hubby had refused to buy me one for christmas.

The Fairy HobMother who works for Appliances Online would like to continue to spread this happiness on to other hardworking bloggers and she informs me that if you comment on this post and also mention your wish you find yourself getting a visit!

So this has made my week and I am one chuffed octopus!

Hope you continue to have a funny week and a few giggles!

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