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What is Your Family Style?

When thinking about our family’s style, I really struggle to describe us. As a mom blogging about health and fitness I see the world through a different lens. We are such a mix match of styles depending on what is going on in our lives as a family and essentially how much money we have at the time – we can look so good when new clothes have just been bought (don’t we all) but the trouble is they don’t stay looking new! It made me think of all the stereotypical types of families you can get, to see if we belonged to any one group. Obviously we like to stay active and healthy, but there are a lot of other activities we find ourselves taking part in that are less health-conscious and just fun.

So tongue in cheek, totally stereotypical and down right silly I give you the following but which category do you think your family falls in?

The Hunters

This is your country-style family. You sit round the huge wooden table in the kitchen with a pantry, with the Hunter wellie boots (in a variety of colours) all lined neatly at the door. Hunter families aren’t focused on how to eat healthy while pregnant, but they inherently do just by the nature of their diet. The dogs are snoozing by the fire after a trepid walk out in the hail and wind, because you are never EVER put off by weather! Your wax jacket is your best friend and your veggies patch your pride and joy. Your children look great in knitwear and jodhpurs!

The Gourmets

This is the family that likes to dine…at every meal! Family life would not be complete without a proper English breakfast every morning! Orange juice, croissants and jams are spread across the table (home-made od course!). This of course is all set up the night before, ready for the morning. Lunch consists of salads and stunning sandwich fillings that the Ritz would be proud of, and a three-course meal is an essential every evening. This family love eating out, eating in and are always baking! You are consistently brushing flour off the kid’s clothes before school.

The Athletes

This is the family that cycles everywhere as their mode of transportation. In uniform fashion, one behind the other, plus if there is a baby, a trailer is attached! These are the type of women that immediately start a workout plan after pregnancy and research the best workout clothes after having a baby. Cycling shorts and running shoes are the outfits of choice. Hockey club, netball and cricket are how weekends are spent. You name the sport; you are either watching it or playing it. The family is a team unit but winning is key!

The Fairies

All accept daddy, this is a household of girls! Everything you see, touch and feel is lined and trimmed with pink. If you could you would wear wings every day. It is essential for items to be sparkly and jeweled, pink and lacey. All outfits are accessorized with hairbands, jewelry and handbags. Even Daddy has taken to wearing pink shirts and ties. Mommy was wearing pink while doing the best free pregnancy workout at home. You are tempted to dye the dog – it is of course a poodle!

The Academics

Education is the name of the game and this is the only way to progress forward in life! This is your motto. As parents you both study continuously – learning is key. TV…pah! Who needs TV when you can read? Your children can read by aged two and write gripping novels by four. Of course they are fluent in six languages and you don’t hesitate to inform people of this.

The White Rabbit’s

Late for everything this family are minefields of chaos. With a child under one arm, a bag thrown on your back and every car door swung open as you holler for the kids to ‘get out the damn car’ you arrive to your destination, stressed, red and messy! Organisation is not something you aspire to; you are beginning to resent it and you are actually beginning to question whether it is actually worth turning up anywhere as people assume you will be late anyway!

I think my family has a little bit of all of them…we do not shy away from weather (we just don’t have a dog or the Hunters, although I would love them!), I am really getting into my cooking and if time would permit, I love the idea of breakfast all set up for morning. If my husband has anything to do with it, all the children will be involved in sport, and if I have anything to do with it, little Madam will be sparkly in pink whilst playing Hockey! Both of us are teachers so education is quite a strong point in our home, but essentially we are the mad chaotic family late for everything!

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