Potato Printing: Simple but Fun!

The children are at that real messy play stage and are absolutely addicted to anything crafty at the moment. I want to explore using different things they could paint with that they could easily hold and then remembered the idea of potato printing.

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I was all set to carve some shapes out of the potatoes, when my husband reminded me, that I should just enjoy them at a stage where they appreciate things simply and that I should save that for a year on. He was right. Who knew you could have so much fun with half a potato!

We used a roll of paper and taped a strip of it around the table. It really saves on little bits of paper everywhere and means they can print anywhere on the table.

We used three primary colours which they loved and shared well, swapping plate and potato!

Once the novelty of stamping was over, they starting spreading the paint with the potato as they realised that is rubbed smoothly.

Then Chilled out boy just decided to get on in there with his hands!

Despite the best intentions to keep ‘messy play’ in one messy zone, we still end up with paint on the washing machine and chairs, but at least it cleans up.

They also just love washing their hand at the end in a soapy bowl of water on the floor.

Sometimes the simple things are best!