The Fishfinger did it!

I received a phone call yesterday from the pre-school asking about an injury to Noah’s face.

They wanted to know whether it had occurred there or at home and they were a little confused by Noah’s explanation.

I automatically replied that yes there was an injury and that in fact it was a burn.

The nursery key worker still seemed a little perplexed and was pushing further for information.

I went on to say how I had been cooking lunch and had put the baking tray on the side to cool and that I didn’t see what happened but the next minute he was crying. I initially thought that maybe as he had walked by, his face had caught the baking tray but on close detective work of the scene I had come to the conclusion that he had decided to take a sneaky bite of the fish finger to find that it was actually hot like Mummy had warned!

She burst out laughing and said ‘Oh that makes complete sense, when we asked BBwhat he had done he said, ‘the fish finger did it!”

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