Top 5 Things About Twins

It is a common misunderstanding that to have twins would be the most hardest work ever. It is also a common misunderstanding that to have twins would be easy – two babies in one go, job done. To have twins is neither of these thing – it is not either of these extremes, it is like any moment of parenthood, and has its joy, trials, triumphs and moments of despair. Like any parent it is a learning curve and like many parents, it is all I know, so I could not honestly tell you comparatively whether it is harder or easier than close together age gaps or not (I actually have both!) but what I can tell you is it is a true blessing and something I feel is a real privilege.

So when I was tagged into Tales From a Twin Mum’s meme about what I consider to be the top five things about twins I could not refuse. I want to reassure you that if this is currently happening to you (as in your pregnant with twins), or you are in the early stages of new-born twins, or it is something that terrifies you about what the future may hold, then stop and read, as you need not worry yourself. No scare mongering here.

Not on my list, but definitely worth mentioning, is the fact that you really need to make your health a top priority if you’re to become a mother. You might be too tired in the 1st trimester, but you’ll definitely want to start a 2nd trimester strength workout and make plans to transition into my free postpartum workout plan after you’ve recovered from delivering. A lot of people have no idea that you can still workout and stay healthy while pregnant with a 20 minute pregnancy workout. Besides, it gives you an excuse to go shopping for postpartum activewear!

So without further ado my top five things about twins are:

1. The celebrity status!

You will see many people moan about never being able to get down the road from having to stop and talk to people about twins, and admiring and cooing over them. The only time this is really inconvenient is if I am desperate for a wee, and even then I will work my pelvic floor to its limits to hold it, as nothing, and I mean nothing will ever make me tire of people complimenting my twins! I LOVE it!

2. Their connection

My twins are non-identical and boy and girl as well, so you would not think they have a link, but despite them being complete individuals, they do have the most amazing bond. They constantly look after each other, if one has something to eat or drink, they make sure the other has one too, they will hold hands together and play together and have learnt skills like sharing from such an early age. It is a pleasure to watch.

3. Competitiveness

Their ability to do things spurs each other on, and makes them want to be more independent. It has been so funny though, as Little Madam had always been the first to start something and works hard for weeks to do it, like standing and walking, and all the time chilled out boy has sat and observed, and then right at the last hurdle has just got up and walked literally hours after Little Madam, with no practice at all!

4. Twice the Love

This may be so cliché but it is so true. They will both happily snuggle under each arm, let me carry them together (although they are getting heavy now), I get twice the kisses, and twice the mummy attention and twice the affection and they make my heart go double boom every day!

5. Wake up time

Although they are early risers (anytime from half five) the morning call is one of my favourite times to witness. Little Madam will usually wake first, who will then call Chilled out boy to wake him up and if this does not work, pelt him with soft toys. They will then jibber jabber with each other for ages and we will hear an endless amount of giggles until one of them suggest milk and then we hear the hollering. In with a bottle of milk each and all goes quiet, and then a thump as Chilled out Boy legs it out the cot and then another thump into Little Madams cot, followed by more giggles. It is pure joy!

So all those people who go…’Oh twins, that is going to be so hard’…ignore them. Parenting is hard work, but then what job worth doing isn’t? Yes there is more quantity of stuff to do, you just get more efficient and learn to cut some corners, and yes there are moments when just two arms, are not quite enough, but the joys and benefits outweigh all of this.

If twins are your first babies, you will cope because you have no idea what having a child is like anyway, and if they are you second or third, then you are lucky to have had practice runs!

Twice the joy and Twice the Fun, could not be more true. I would however invest in stair gates, backpack reins, a pair of bumbo’s and never turn down help when offered! Well every Mummy needs the tips that make life easier hey?