Usborne Advent Calendar to Colour Review and giveaway

The 1st of December is creeping up and that means three things…firstly I get to tell you about the amazing Usborne Advent Calendar to colour, Secondly I get my Advent calendar from my Mum as I have done every year of my life Calendar and finally my fabulous Advent Calendar competition begins (go check it out now if you haven’t already!).

Advent calendars are a great way to count down the day to Christmas and choosing for children can often be tricky as you have the chocolate/no chocolate debate and if you are in my family sometimes they end up with more than one as Nanny will always buy one, we do and sometimes someone else might. So they don’t get over indulged in chocolate we always opt for a non chocolate one and this year I have been given the best one I have seen to review.

The Usborne Advent Calendar is a hard backed cover that folds out to reveal the calendar. The scene is a winter Christmas scene of houses with little mice living in them and all different scenes occurring in all the windows and is reminiscent of traditional German Christmas markets. The scene is presented in black and white so that it can be coloured in and the great part is yo can colour a part of the scene for each day of advent. Not only that but in tradition style the doors open to reveal pretty little designs and pictures behind!

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I showed BBthe calendar, who wanted to colour straight away and I had to explain that it was not until December, which lets face it, he didn’t get because he does to know the months of the year yet.  He loved the doors and cheated a little and opened a few, but then I couldn’t show him it and not let him play. He then stood it up and said that it would be nice displayed like that and I thought that was a great idea. Plus it can then be folded down to look like a book, to make a lovely keepsake.

I think this is fabulous for any child that loves to colour but in addition for older children I think the scenes and pictures behind the doors provide as prompts for story telling.  I feel this is the perfect Advent Calendar for any child that is arty or stationary obsessed like I was as a girl.

Priced at a very reasonable £5.99 I think this makes a great alternative Christmas Advent Calendar.

You can find Usborne online and on Twitter

Usborne have very kindly offered one of their Advent Calendars as a prize for one of you lovely lot. All you have to do is follow the instructions below.

Good Luck!