Feel Prepared and at Peace in Your Pregnancy Journey

Trying to conceive or newly pregnant and looking to find the best information about all things natural & holistic pregnancy? We have resources to help women navigate a low intervention, natural-centered pregnancy and present the research behind it. You can also find non-toxic recommendations, breastfeeding help, and ways to support your mindset through this big life change.

Having experienced a home birth and hospital birth, I have seen both sides. While I was grateful to have a hospital birth and help my daughter when needed, I would still choose a home birth any day when the circumstances allow it.

Choosing a birth with no interventions takes preparation, and with these resources, you can feel more confident when you bring your little one into the world.

Sharing the most helpful products and tools for pregnancy and the fourth trimester that are void of toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients is a priority to me.

I don’t share the most popular brands, but the products I have personally used and know to be safe for you and your family. I also show you how to make your own products like diaper cream and gentle baby soap, so you know exactly what is touching your family’s skin.

After struggling with breastfeeding after my first child, I researched everything I could about having a successful breastfeeding journey with my kids.

Unfortunately, nursing babies is not innate for moms, and with the proper education, it can be a successful and rewarding part of motherhood. I share all my best takeaways and tips to give you the best chance of a peaceful experience nursing your baby.

Feel confident, prepared, and at peace with the many decisions that need to be made during your pregnancy.

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