Build Your Perfect Postpartum Fitness Routine

Remember when you could go to the gym, spend an hour working out whenever you felt like it, and still had time to shower and make yourself something to eat? I imagine that is a distant memory after having your baby.

It can feel like working out is now a chore; no time to fit it in, you’re battling exhaustion from sleepless nights, and the workouts you used to do are so much harder. 

I struggled to get back into exercising as a new mom too, until I implemented helpful strategies that made working out enjoyable, energizing, and made me stronger than pre-pregnancy. I share all of the tools that helped me fall back into love with exercising as a new mom despite running on 4 hours of sleep and holding a baby all day. 

I offer exercises to ease you back into fitness, starting with core strength and common post-pregnancy imbalances. These posts will help you build a strong foundation and give you workouts that are simple and effective when you’re in a time crunch.

I also give tips on overcoming low energy and time restraints as a new mom, so you can push through obstacles and reach your goals. 

Get back to feeling confident, energetic, and enjoying your fitness journey as a new mom.

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