Feel Strong Postpartum Without Going To The Gym Looking for a convenient and effective way to stay fit postpartum? We’ve got you covered with the best at-home workout routine designed specifically for new moms. Our carefully curated list includes exercises that target your core, glutes, legs, and upper body. Plus, you don’t need any fancy equipment or a gym membership to get started! Stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-follow postpartum workout plan.
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Exercising At Home After Baby

Who wants to spend time driving to the gym after having a baby? The time it takes to get ready, drive there, work out, and drive home can be a lot of time away from your little one. You may not want to spend that time away from them or you don’t have the childcare to do it. Either way, choosing an at-home workout program is the best way to prioritize your health without sacrificing the money and time away from your new baby. 

Check out this after-pregnancy workout that requires no equipment and can be done in 20 minutes or less. It’s so simple to do this workout while your baby takes a nap or while they are playing next to you. Give it a try and see how simple working out at home after giving birth can be. 

How Soon Postpartum Can I Exercise At Home?

You can begin postnatal exercise at home as soon as you feel ready. Generally, most women with an uncomplicated vaginal birth begin exercising between 6-8 weeks postpartum. If you had a c-section or any complications, women typically begin 8-12 weeks after birth. It’s best to start with gentle exercises to ease your body into exercise again post-delivery.

postnatal woman doing breathing exercises

Can I Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy By Working Out At Home?

Yes, workouts at home are just as effective at losing belly fat and gaining strength as gym workouts. Since you are rebuilding your strength after giving birth, bodyweight movements are perfect to utilize for cardiovascular endurance or getting stronger. 

Losing weight takes a comprehensive approach, including staying active and nourishing your body appropriately. Prioritizing nutrient-dense foods, staying hydrated, and taking vitamins all contribute to losing weight. If you are really good at those things, then adding exercise will be the perfect addition to aiding in weight loss, especially in your belly after birth.  

Postnatal Workout From Home – No Equipment!

This postnatal workout program is for beginners easing back into exercise. You can do this workout four times a week for a month and see the progress in your strength while using this program. Each workout has four exercises; perform the recommended reps for each movement in 2-3 rounds depending on your endurance level and time. Ideally, do three rounds with 60-second rest between each round. 

Go at your own pace and choose the rounds and rest period that works for your body and where you are at. Staying consistent will help you move faster and get comfortable with the workouts over time. 

postnatal woman strengthening her abdominals

Workout 1

  • Rolling Bridge 
  • Deadbug Arms
  • Clamshell
  • Marches
woman strengthening glutes after pregnancy

Workout 2

  • Fire Hydrants
  • Frog Pumps
  • Bent Knee Fallout
  • Hip Hike
woman doing birddog to strengthen her core after pregnancy

Workout 3

  • Heel Slide March
  • Quadruped Hold
  • Birddog
  • Side Plank
postnatal woman exercising her glutes

Workout 4

  • Dips
  • Squat
  • Glute Bridge 
  • One Leg Bridge Extension

Get Started Working Out At Home With This Postnatal Exercise Routine

Post-pregnancy workouts from home can be a great way to regain strength and boost overall health and wellness after giving birth. By choosing the right exercises and focusing on proper form and technique, new mothers can effectively target key muscle groups, build endurance, and improve flexibility and balance. 

Incorporating at-home workouts into a postpartum fitness routine can be particularly convenient and accessible, allowing you to exercise on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking to shed the baby weight, manage stress and anxiety, or simply feel better and more energized, there are plenty of effective at-home postpartum workouts to choose from. 

By listening to your body, setting realistic goals, and staying consistent with your fitness routine, you can help support your physical and mental well-being as a new mom.