Smooth & Sexy Postpartum Leggings Say goodbye to noticeable thigh cellulite with a complete list of leggings that are comfortable postpartum and make your legs look sexy. With a range of prices and ultra comfortable, you can find which postpartum leggings are the best fit for you.
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Cellulite Free Postpartum Leggings

Are you excited to start exercising again after pregnancy but know the extra weight you’ve gained may show through your current leggings? The postpartum period is full of changes and worries, so the last thing you need to stress over is what leggings to wear that make you feel good. Here are three great options for postpartum leggings that won’t show cellulite. 

What Postpartum Workout Leggings Can I Wear If I Have Thick Thighs?

The best kinds of postnatal workout leggings to wear if you have thick thighs are leggings with thicker material or a pattern. I am no stranger to thick thighs, I had them before I got pregnant, and they only got bigger with both of my pregnancies (fun fact: I only have stretch marks on my thighs from pregnancy). So when I am looking for leggings, I stray away from thin fabrics, and while I’m not a wild pattern kind of gal, I really like going for a heathered material. The slight contrast in heathered patterns helps distract from indentations and imperfections. 

What Are The Best Leggings To Hide Cellulite?

There are hundreds of leggings out on the market, and it’s hard to tell through photos which ones will be cellulite-proof, so I have tried and tested these three pairs of workout pants and can confirm, that they do hide dimples. Here are my favorites for wearing after birth so I am comfortable during my workout and won’t be distracted wondering if anyone can see all the extra weight I’ve gained. 

  1. Colorful Koala High Waisted Yoga Pants

These leggings are the best of all worlds. They are compressive without being constrictive, are thick enough material to hide cellulite but don’t make you hot, have pockets, are available on Amazon, AND are less than $30! 

If you’re looking for a pair of leggings that you can wear in the transition period of postpartum to slim down and don’t want to spend a ton of money, these are the leggings you need. I was truly impressed with the quality and versatility of these leggings, and they come in a ton of colors. I stick to plain black, but they have some different patterns and a heathered pink pair as well. 

Photo courtesy of Amazon
  1. P’Tula Bare Leggings

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort legging, you will want to grab a pair or two of these workout pants. As the name implies, you will feel bare wearing these leggings. They conform like a second skin and feel amazing. These leggings are in a heathered material and come in quite a few colors. If you are on the shorter side, they have a pair of postnatal workout pants with a 21″ inseam. 

Photo courtesy of P’Tula
  1. Lululemon Aligns

Since it’s one of the most popular pairs of leggings, I’m sure you have heard of these. Aligns have the extra stretch you need when just getting back into the gym after having a baby, they come in a ton of colors, and they are thinner but cellulite-proof legging. I personally have the black camo print, and I do not experience any leg dimples showing while still having a comfortable legging. 

Photo courtesy of Lululemon

Best Leggings To Hide Cellulite

Getting back into the gym after having a baby can be a little difficult, but what you wear should not be included in that difficulty. It is possible to find comfortable workout pants for thick thighs and feel cute in them. Thicker material and unique designs can help distract from leg dimples and help you feel confident in your activewear. Share this with your other mom friends and help them feel better getting back into the gym!