Postpartum Workout Clothes That Never Fail to Earn Compliments Don’t put off your fitness goals because you can’t find an outfit that fits. Find a complete postpartum outfit that is flattering and works within your budget. There’s even options for breastfeeding moms! Feel confident and comfortable in your postnatal workout gear.
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Comfortable Postpartum Workout Gear

Are you cleared by your doctor to start exercising postpartum but reach into your closet and realize nothing fits you? Pre-pregnancy clothes are too tight, but pregnancy clothes are too big, making everything uncomfortable.

Investing in some flattering postpartum clothes to make you feel cute post-pregnancy is always a good idea. Here are my favorite postpartum workout clothes that helped me get back into a workout routine and lose the baby belly pooch.

Postpartum Workout Leggings

Finding a pair of workout leggings that fit your new postpartum body can make all the difference in your confidence and motivation to get in a quick workout. Things I look for in a workout pant include compression but not causing a muffin top, good stretch, making sure it is squat proof, and decent cellulite coverage.

postpartum woman in exercise clothing

How Can I Hide My Postpartum Belly?

To cover up the lingering postpartum belly, I recommend wearing high-waisted legging with a little compression to help flatten and smooth your tummy. Both of these legging recommendations are great for this.

Can You Wear Tight Fitting Clothes After Birth?

There is nothing wrong with wearing tight-fitting clothes post-pregnancy. However, it may be uncomfortable if you have a c-section scar or have had any complications during delivery. In that case, you would want to avoid anything causing discomfort.

BuffBunny Collection

If you follow fitness influencers on Instagram, I am sure you have seen them advertise BuffBunny Collections activewear. I was very skeptical about trying their pieces because of the large amount of social media buzz, but they are definitely worth the hype. Once I gave in and ordered these leggings, I was in love!

My favorite leggings are the Rosa pocket leggings and the Live Free leggings. The Rosa pockets are extremely stretchy with some compression, so it is very flattering on the mom pooch. I almost always choose a pocket legging over a non-pocket because I usually need to carry around my phone or the baby monitor while exercising.

Postpartum Workout Leggings
Live Free Legging and Kindred Bravely Bra

The Live Free leggings could only be better if they had pockets! They are the softest material that wears like a second skin without showing off all the cellulite I have accumulated during pregnancy. They are lightweight but unbelievably flattering. Usually, if a pair of leggings is thin, it will show everything, but these are the exception! I would wear these over Lululemon Aligns any day.

postnatal woman wearing workout clothes

Colorful Koala

If you are on a budget and don’t want to wait for shipping, Colorful Koala leggings are an excellent alternative. They are available on Amazon, and for $25-30, these are great quality. These have a buttery soft material and a high waistband that’s very stretchy. They also have a variety of colors and come with or without pockets. I wear these for a workout or just lounging around the house.

Postpartum Workout Bras

Kindred Bravely

This brand is known for its breastfeeding and pumping-friendly bras, but on top of that, they are comfortable! When I needed a bra I could pump and breastfeed with, I chose this brand, which turned into the most versatile bra I’ve ever had. The Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra is made with an ultra-comfortable material and is underwire free.

This bra is not made explicitly for working out, but it is supportive enough to be worn during a strength training workout or stroller walk around the neighborhood. Kindred Bravely also has the Sublime Nursing Sports Bra, which is breastfeeding-friendly and made with moisture-wicking material making it more suitable for a workout.

Postpartum Workout Top
Rosa Pocket Legging, Kindred Bravely Bra, and Breathe ON Keyhole-Back Performance Tee


If you are looking for a high-support sports bra to help hold the girls in, this is your best option. Shefit has created the Ultimate Sports Bra, the only sports bra completely adjustable in the shoulder and bust straps.

It also has a zipper down the middle, so while it’s not outfitted for breastfeeding, you certainly could unzip it and feed your little one. This bra is a little more expensive than most bras, but with the adjustable straps, it’s worth the splurge since you can use it long-term.

Postpartum Workout Tops

Old Navy

Some of my shirts pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy still fit for me to wear, but they accentuated my belly pooch a little too much and made me want to wear a baggy sweatshirt over them. So I wanted a few shirts to train in but not spend too much money since they would be more of a short-term item. I was pleasantly surprised at the tops I found at Old Navy for $20 or less.

First is the Breathe ON Keyhole-Back Performance Tee. This shirt is so lightweight and flattering to wear. It’s not so tight that it’s hugging your body, but it isn’t baggy, making you look box-shaped. It comes in slightly by the waist to accentuate curves without constricting and has a cute keyhole design on the back for a little flair.

post pregnancy workout clothes

Next is the UltraLite Twist-Back Tank Top if you want something more relaxed and flowy. It’s sleeveless and has an adorable keyhole back, so it’s great for summer. This tank comes in a few different colors, so you can pair it with various leggings.

Postpartum Clothes
Rosa Pocket Legging and UltraLite Twist-Back Tank Top

Postpartum Workout Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

A shoe that is flat during a strength training routine is ideal for proper balance and stability. That’s why I choose to wear Converse shoes during my exercise routine. Pregnancy has a great way of throwing you off balance, so it’s best to have a nice stable shoe when starting back into exercise. They have a nice rigid sole and come in unlimited colors; I have a tie-dye pair!

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

If you are looking to get back into a running routine, then pick up these Adidas shoes right away! As the name implies, it will feel like you are running on a cloud. These shoes are so comfortable and lightweight that I could wear them all the time(and I usually do). I love them so much that I bought them in black and white. After nine months of all that extra weight you’ve been carrying, it will feel amazing to have these comfortable shoes on during runs or just walking around the block.

Postpartum Workout Gear
Rosa Pocket Legging, Kindred Bravely Bra, Breathe ON Keyhole-Back Performance Tee, Adidas Cloudfoam Shoes

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Workout Postpartum?

According to the ACOG, there is no set time frame for how long to wait after birth. If you feel healed and ready to start a postpartum workout plan, go for it! Just listen to your body and ease into exercise. I was walking 2 days after birth for about 15 minutes and worked on healing my core 2 weeks postpartum.

comfortable workout clothes after baby

How To Look Cute In Postpartum Clothes

With all the changes your body goes through post-pregnancy, the last thing you need is to struggle to find cute workout gear. Now that you’re cleared for exercise and can get yourself some nice threads, nothing is stopping you from getting back in the gym (except maybe the tiny human and exhaustion).

Let me know in the comments if you got any of these items or have a favorite of your own!