Master Your Workout and Breastfeeding Game With These Top Sports Bras Be prepared for your workouts with a comfortable and supportive nursing sports bra. We’ve created a list of the best postpartum nursing sports bras to help you find the best option. You can choose by style, function, and cup size to pick the perfect sports bra for your needs.
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Nursing Friendly Exercise Bras After Birth

As a new mom, trying to squeeze in a quick workout can be easily derailed by a hungry, crying baby. You don’t want to have to stop, switch bras, and then nurse your baby, so having a breastfeeding-friendly sports bra will be a lifesaver for you. I don’t like my workouts interrupted like most moms, but when duty calls, we can quickly get to business and head back to our exercise.

Here are the top nursing sports bras for breastfeeding moms that I have found to make working out and baby feeding just a little bit less stressful. 

Can You Wear Sports Bras While Nursing?

Yes, you can wear a sports bra while nursing. Just make sure the fit of the sports bra isn’t constricting around your chest. When your bra is constricting, it may cause discomfort and issues like clogged milk ducts or mastitis. Thankfully, multiple brands have bras made specifically for nursing moms, so you don’t have to worry about a non-nursing bra not fitting your needs.

What Are The Best Nursing Sports Bras For Breastfeeding Moms?

When looking for a nursing sports bra, you want to make sure it has good quality material, it’s comfortable, and access to feed your baby. Each of these bras fits the bill and has tons of great reviews. Especially postpartum, you always want comfortable postpartum workout gear, so finding the right clothing is crucial. I’m confident one of these will be perfect for you to get back into the gym and be able to nurse your little one whenever necessary.

  1. Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Sports Bra

This breastfeeding-friendly sports bra is great for an everyday bra or a lower-impact workout day. I love the breathable and sweat-wicking fabric, so I don’t feel like I’m wearing a big bulky bra holding in all my sweat while I work out. It can be used for nursing, or hands-free pumping is also a huge bonus! The pumping feature fits most pump flanges, including Spectra, Medela, and Lansinoh. If you are looking for a comfortable, low-impact sports bra, then this will be a winner for you.

versatile nursing sports bra
Photo courtesy of Kindred Bravely
  1. Senita Athletics Everyday V-Neck Nursing Sports Bra

This nursing bra is perfect if you want one that makes you feel cute and functional. Sometimes, it seems like there are no cute bras for moms, so I really appreciate this workout bra. It has a small v-neck, so you feel feminine without being too showy, a cute double strap in the back, and a pocket for your phone or keys in case you need to be hands-free on a run. Quick-release clasps in the front give you fast access for when your little one wakes up hungry. This fitness nursing bra is a great addition to your wardrobe when you want to feel great and still take care of your baby.

stylish nursing sports bra
Photo courtesy of Senita
  1. Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

The Shefit isn’t specifically designed for breastfeeding moms, but it has amazing versatility that makes it a perfect option for nursing a baby mid-workout. With this bra, you can personalize the fit, so you never have to mess with straps that are too loose or too tight. You can adjust the shoulder straps and the chest strap to fit you exactly how you’d like. It’s great for any workout you plan on doing and has a size for every mother from cups A-I. The feature best for nursing moms is the zipper in the front so you can easily nurse your baby. If you struggle with finding a sports bra with a size big enough for you, this is a great option. 

postpartum nursing sports bra
Photo courtesy of Shefit

Do I Need A Nursing Sports Bra?

You will need a nursing workout bra if you tend to get interrupted during your workouts so you can feed your baby. Having a bra that you can easily nurse your little one and get back to your workout will be a time saver, and as a mom, we will take all the extra time we can get! Which bra will be the best fit for you? Personally, the Senita bra is my favorite! Let me know in the comments below.