Searching For Postpartum Leggings & Coming Up Short? Struggling to find pants that aren’t too long and are comfortable enough after having a baby? Check out these leggings that are made for short women and feel supportive postpartum. Whether you’re searching by price point, comfort, or best quality, we found the perfect leggings for you.
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Find the Right Postpartum Workout Leggings For Your Height

Finding the right type of workout pants can be difficult with the hundreds of companies that now offer leggings. It can be even more difficult when you’ve just had a baby and are not in the average height range. Don’t waste another minute struggling to find leggings that work for you. Check out my top recommended workout leggings for shorter moms.

I struggled to find workout leggings after having a baby that I wasn’t constantly pulling up and bunching at the bottoms. Thankfully, I found three great options that are my go-to leggings when I want to feel good postpartum, and I am spilling the tea!

Is It Safe To Wear Tight Clothes Postpartum?

Yes, it is safe to wear tight clothing after having a baby. Most clothing isn’t going to be tight enough to cause any harm however, if the clothing makes you uncomfortable, then discontinue wearing them.

How Can I Find Postpartum Leggings For My Height?

You can find postpartum leggings that will work for your height by checking the size of the inseam. The inseam is the length of the legging from the inside of your leg to where you want it to end. If you want to know your inseam, simply get a tape measure and start on the inside of your leg where the seam would start and measure down to your ankles. As someone 5’2″, I have to look for leggings that are a 23″ inseam that gives me a little bit of room between my shoe and the end of the leggings. 

These are the top leggings I recommend after birth because they have a ton of stretch in them without sacrificing the form-fitting feel. Also, these leggings come in sizes that are accommodating for shorter women! When I wear a pair of these, I will feel comfortable in my postpartum workout clothes.

Affordable Postpartum Leggings for Short Women

Colorful Koala leggings are the most affordable leggings for after birth that have sizes available for shorter women. These leggings come in a 21″ inseam, are supportive without constricting, and have pockets. If 21″ is too short for you, they also have these leggings in a 25″ inseam. For under $30, free returns, and 2-day shipping, you can’t go wrong with these pants.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Most Comfortable Leggings After Baby for Short Moms

When I say these are the most comfortable leggings, I mean it! P’tula Bare leggings truly feel like a second skin and conform to my body nicely (without showing all my cellulite!). They come in a 23″ inseam, perfect for shorter women, and they have a variety of colors to match any outfit. These are priced around $60, so they are a little more of an investment, but they have worked for me during pregnancy and may even fit once you get to your goal weight! 

Image courtesy of P’Tula

Best Quality Postnatal Leggings For Shorter Ladies

Okay, I know these are pretty much what everyone recommends, but it’s for a good reason. Lululemon Aligns have amazing stretch, are high-waisted, and come in as short as a size 17″ inseam! If you need very short leggings, this is the one for you. They are more expensive leggings, but if you are planning to have more children, you can wear these during pregnancy and postpartum with the comfort of knowing they are high quality.  

Image courtesy of Lululemon

Postpartum Workout Leggings In Short Sizes

After having a baby, you want to feel comfortable and cute in your clothes, but it’s hard when you have 5″ of pants bunching by your shoes. From affordable to long-lasting leggings, you can find what you need to feel good postpartum. Which leggings did you end up trying? Tell me in the comments what you think of them.